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~Resales, Rentals and Ownership Changes

Our experts help you find the best deals on timeshares that are right for you and your family. If you don’t see what you are looking for, it may not yet be posted. Submit a wish list through our “Contact Us” page and we can access inventory through our network of timeshare professionals.

Need more time or space than you currently own for a special occasion?  Stay in the comfort you have become used to for less than a hotel. If you are not quite ready to let go, we have a rental service with a generous portion of the proceeds paid to you if and when the property is rented.

A full-service timeshare company, we handle the Ownership Changes in-house with speed and accuracy.

Transfer, add or remove someone from your ownership. Security of neutral, third party escrow service. Good faith estimate provided before service begins.

Competitive rates to handle your transfers.

Get FULL SERVICE, from estoppel to resort confirmation of completion, for a FLAT FEE.

Security of neutral, third party ESCROW SERVICE. Marketing programs available as well.


Experience you can depend on.


Experience you can depend on. Timeshare Oasis is a Real Estate brokerage with licensed professionals and almost two decades of industry experience. Timeshare Oasis offers a wide variety of choices to suit any vacation need. Ownership changes are handled in-house for speed and accuracy. See why Timeshare Oasis is a leading full service timeshare resale, rental and ownership change company. We are always striving to exceed our clients and customers expectations. We don't work for the resorts. We work for you!

If you have been contacted by anyone claiming to be from our company and they want you to send them money because they have a buyer for your property,

DO NOT DO IT! This is a scam!

Always call us directly with our number on this site.