All About 3’s

3 Types of Timeshare Ownership:

• Fixed week- Guaranteed vacation. Same week and unit, annually or every other year.
• Floating week- Flexible vacation. Your choice of week. Some float week packages have restricted dates.
• Points- Customizable vacation. Choice of dates and unit types* based on the number of points owned.
*Hotel units, studio, 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms. Lock-offs divide larger units into smaller ones to get two or more vacations for one maintenance fee.

3 Types of Locations:

• Regional (i.e. Poconos)
• National (i.e. Williamsburg, VA)
• International (i.e. Disney)

3 Seasons or Travel Demand Times

• High-Think July 4th Ocean City, MD or January in Vail, CO
• Medium-Think fall festivals but schools are in session so less families travel.
• Low-Think January 4th Ocean City, MD

3 Common Resort Ratings

• Gold Crown/Premier
• Silver Crown/Select
• Standard
A combination of the above factors determine the desirability and price of a property.

3 Largest Exchange Companies

• Resort Condominium International (RCI)
• Interval International (II)
• Dial An Exchange ( DAE)

Exchange allows you to trade to over 3,000 locations throughout the world without limitation of location, week or season. This is how timesharing makes the dream of world travel an affordable reality for you.
Next time, Points Demystified!

Dawn R. Miller is the owner of and a real estate Broker for Timeshare Oasis, Inc., a PA licensed real estate brokerage. She has been specializing in Timeshare since 2000. She and her family are happy owners of multiple timeshares.

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