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Our community was recently introduced to Timeshare Oasis, Inc. and the buzz has been escalating.   This is not surprising as the topic of timeshare generally causes a stir, making some people want to run from the room screaming, some to share wonderful stories and others to ask questions. Lots of questions!  So this monthly space is being provided to discuss all things timeshare.

We will learn a bit of history as to the start, development and changes in the industry.  Discover what properties and programs will work best for your family and your vacation style as well as the positive life enhancement timesharing can provide.  Current owners, some of you who may still be dazed from a timeshare presentation, can better understand what you have purchased and how to get the most enjoyment out of the product.

There will be safety tips provided to avoid being victimized and helpful tips to enhance your lifestyle and well being.  Who knows what rabbit holes we will explore as we go along. Please interject your own questions and I will attempt to incorporate the answers into our discussion over the course of this series.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Dawn R. Miller is the owner of and a real estate Broker for Timeshare Oasis, Inc., a PA licensed real estate brokerage. She has been specializing in Timeshare since 2000.  She and her family are happy owners of multiple timeshares. 


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