Should I buy travel insurance?

Should I buy travel insurance?

Travel insurance can safeguard you from unexpected personal and financial loss,  This is according to a survey for the U.S. Travel Insurance Association (UStiA) that also states unforeseen medical conditions, natural disasters, or mechanical or common carrier delay could affect one in six trips. Here are the top 5 reasons UStiA recommends travel insurance.

  1. “Prepaid, nonrefundable vacations: Travel protection is recommended if cancelling, interrupting or delaying your trip could cause serious financial burden. Most people advise they would protect a trip costing $500.00 or more per person.”  According to Vicky Willis, director of sales for Travelex Insurance Services in Omaha, NB, “Return air fare for an interrupted trip usually costs at least 150% of the original ticket price.”
  2. If you travel outside of the US it is recommended because Medicare and many health insurance carriers may stop or decrease coverage outside of the country. Foreign hospitals may ask for payment prior to treatment.
  3. Security-deposit protection can be purchased in lieu of a traditional security deposit to protect against those uh-oh’s and oopses that can occur.
  4. When baggage is lost, stolen or delayed, this insurance can reimburse you for replacement of belongings if lost or stolen or reimburse for purchases of personal items to hold you over.
  5. Some travel-protection plans provide travel assistance and concierge service via a 24/7 help line to find hospitals, English speaking doctors, travel health information and restaurants.

Ask your resort for recommendations of travel-insurance companies that offer customizable plans and multi-trip coverage so your vacations can be protected throughout the year.   The package should be enough to cover you and five others for a party of 6.

Leave your worries behind and enjoy your trip!


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