Is Your House Ready for Vacation?

Is Your House Ready for Vacation?

Suitcases are packed but is your home ready for vacation?  Here are some tips to lessen separation anxiety between you and your home.  Save this for future reference.

Batten Down the Hatches

  • Trim back landscaping, keeping windows and doors visible.
  • Install outdoor motion detector lights.
  • Eliminate pet doors. Invaders and henchmen come in all sizes.
  • Lock garage and doors between house and garage.
  • Install dead bolts on sliding doors that extend into the frame by 1 ½ inches. Propping with a stick still allows for doors to be lifted off the tracks.
  • Put valuables into a bank safety deposit box or a safe too heavy to carry off.

Create an Illusion

  • Put some indoor lights, TV &/or radio on timers from dusk until 11 P.M., making the house look occupied.
  • Stop mail and other deliveries.
  • Have a neighbor put out your filled garbage can and take it back in.
  • Have the lawn trimmed or the driveway and walks shoveled.
  • Keep extra cars garaged and have a neighbor use your driveway.

Plumbing and Electrical Savings and Safety

  • Unplug small appliances and electronic devices.
  • Turn off the water main and valves to dishwasher, washing machines and sinks.
  • Put water heater on vacation mode.
  • Adjust thermostat to a moderate temp.
  • Test smoke detectors.

Home Sweet Home

  • Don’t leave dirty clothes in the hamper or wet clothes in the dryer.
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes.
  • Leave dishwasher door ajar.
  • Run ½ cup white vinegar and hot water through the garbage disposal.
  • Dispose of food that can go bad before your return
  • Empty trash.
  • Pour ½ cup bleach into toilet bowls.

Last Word

  • Save social media posts for your return to avoid advertising your absence.
  • Go with peace of mind and don’t forget to send me a postcard!



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