Can you really buy a Timeshare for a $1?


Is this a scam?

Timeshare Oasis advertises timeshare properties for sale for $1.00 and we are repeatedly asked, “Is this a scam?”

NO! Here’s why.

The resale market is supplied by owners with lifestyle and economic changes. This increasing need has created two predominate types of disposal companies.

  • One that will sell you a points package or vacation club, taking your existing property as “equity trade or credit” lowering the price of the new purchase. Or
  • A relief or exit company, which for a fee, usually a BIG one, will make your property disappear.

Are these legitimate?  Sometimes and maybe. That’s for another column. 

The point is, timeshare owners are paying to dispose of unwanted properties.  These relinquished properties are posted on eBay for $1.00, free closing costs, free first year usage and sometimes a gift card.  Sellers pay for buyers to take over the property.

We compete by adopting a similar model, but with benefits and protection for the seller.

  • Our Real Estate brokerage and agents are licensed and insured.
  • Nothing additional to purchase
  • Actual costs, not inflated figures
  • Security of escrow
  • Decades of experience and global networking
  • Legitimate buyers-not dump companies or straw buyers
  • We work for YOU

Submit a listing form from our website and get a free quote for the best disposal options for your property.


Dawn R. Miller is the owner of and a real estate agent for Timeshare Oasis, Inc., a PA licensed real estate brokerage. She has been specializing in Timeshare since 2000.  She and her family are happy owners of multiple timeshares. 

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