What are the benefits of taking a vacation? Why don’t people take vacaction?


Make An Escape, NOT An Excuse!

Previous columns have established vacation is good for us, but there are hindrances for many that can be boiled down to fear of the following three things.


  • Fear people might question your dedication or the necessity of your position if you take some time off.
  • Fear there is too much to do and going away will make it worse.
  • Fear you can’t afford it.
  1. Studies show bosses have more influence over an employee’s decision to take time off than an employee’s family, so it’s important to communicate how the benefits of you vacationing, as discussed in previous columns, will be passed on to the employer. Gaining the boss’s support will alleviate this first fear. (Maybe the conversation will reveal it was unfounded in the first place.)
  2. Time management skills, before and after, are the answer. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Intentionally design (organize) your day, before it begins, to accomplish essential tasks (prioritize).


Streamline, delegate and automate.


Schedule the hardest tasks for when you have the most energy and are most alert.


Manage communications by checking voicemail and email at set intervals.


Plan for interruptions.


  1. Financial management skills. Years ago I opened Christmas and Vacation Clubs. Weekly auto withdrawals add up to an annual check that more than covers my timeshare maintenance fees and allows for spending cash while away.  For those without paid vacation, this provides funds to cover expenses while you are off.  Food expenses are balanced by using the kitchens in my timeshare condos, especially when our children, their spouses or grandchildren are with us.

“If you want something, you will find a way, if not, you will find an excuse.”  Now you have no more excuses so go make your escape (and send me a postcard)!

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