Timesharing and Traveling with Disabilities

Timesharing and Traveling with Disabilities

Timesharing makes the dream of world travel an affordable and comfortable reality, especially if you are traveling with disabilities. In January 1992 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law and requires places accommodating the general public to meet specific technical requirements in providing lodging and services to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Timeshare Resorts are ideal, as opposed to hotel rooms, because the units, amenities and services often go beyond standard features. There is more space and privacy afforded to occupants. A kitchen helps with managing any special dietary needs. Often resorts are located near attractions so travel to and from is easier and many times resorts will provide on-site transportation for accessible activities. The law does not mandate resorts to provide special auxiliary aids or services like walkers or wheelchairs, so bring along your own.

Plan ahead for lodging.

Visit www.TimeshareOasis.com, click the Resources tab and view a list of barrier free resorts in the US, Mexico, Canada and Islands of the Atlantic.
Make reservations early because you are competing for a lower number of rooms.
Clearly communicate the nature of your disability, if you travel with a service animal and what you will need when you arrive. Get assurances and the name of the person who made them. This point was emphasized in several articles I researched.

Plan ahead for transportation~ getting to your destination and navigating while there.

Book early. Alert carriers to your needs in transit, through security and if you carry special equipment, particularly oxygen, because carriers may have differing accommodation policies.
Contact the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in advance to make security checks easier. 855-787-2227.
Avis Access provides scooter rentals, transfer boards, hand controls, spinner knobs and other helpful devises. 1-888-879-4273 Remember to take your parking placard. If traveling in Europe display the placard on the dashboard rather than the rearview mirror.
Other countries don’t have ADA so check special laws and services for yourself and service animals during travel and at your destination. Travel.state.gov/destination
Next time you need a break, try the affordable luxury of timesharing and see for yourself how it is enhancing life for 9.2 million other Americans who own one or more types of shared vacation ownership.
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