What Vacation Feels Like

The Greatest Thing

Even in the oak tree’s shade, the heat may have been too great if it had not been for the gentle puffs of air skimming across the surface of the lake a-glitter with late afternoon sun. The hammock rocked lazily and in rhythm with the breathing of the woman tucked like a contented cat napping in the curve of his arm.

He gently brushed away stray wisps of hair from her warm and rosy cheeks. At his touch her lashes fluttered and even before she completely awakened and absorbed him into her sight, her smile flashed full upon him, igniting a glow within that rivaled the fiery orb setting beneath the horizon.
He handed her some water, the ice cubes clinking against the condensation glass. He was mesmerized by the fluid flowing across her lips. With a gentle sigh she declared this to be a perfect day.

He looked at his watch less arm, now evenly tanned, and the glass of tap water, rather than the Perrier or Evian that he usually held. Flooding with relief, he agreed. He turned his head to revel in the refreshment of her lips, which once again he found smiling at him and his contentment was complete. Between the cadence of his own heartbeat and the rising chorus of crickets, he could hear the melody of an old song and for the first time he experienced the full truth of it.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”*
*Eden Ahbez

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