What are Timeshare points?



Vacation Points Demystified


Vacation points programs debuted in 1974. Many brands developed their own system ie: Diamond, Hilton, Marriott, Wyndam, etc. In 2000 RCI Points were introduced and II has since joined the party. 

Points assign value.  The amount allocated for a property is based on location, unit size, resort amenities and demand for time of year. 

Points provide flexibility and adjustable length of stay over the standard timeshare week creating the possibility of multiple vacations with one maintenance fee.  My husband and I sneak away for 3 or 4 days in a one bedroom or studio unit.  This uses less points than a longer trip with our children in a larger unit.

Points can be tied to a deed or lease. Pure points are like a vacation club.  The developer has ownership and membership gives access to the company’s resorts where time is available.  In some cases, points can be used for airline tickets, rental cars or cruises.

Additional points may be purchased, borrowed ahead or rolled over into another usage period.  Some are use or lose.  Expiration makes it’s important to purchase the correct type and number of points for your needs. 

Financial factors to also consider are the costs for joining or converting, ongoing membership dues, resort maintenance fees and reservation fees.

Intrigued? Intimidated?  Call me.  I have 15+ years of timeshare experience to help determine if points are right for you, if so, what system and how many. 

Dawn R. Miller is the owner of and a real estate agent for Timeshare Oasis, Inc., a PA licensed real estate brokerage. She has been specializing in Timeshare since 2000.  She and her family are happy owners of multiple timeshares. 





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