We’ve Been Robbed!


American workers leave 658 million vacation days unused annually and this is part of a steady decline since 2000.  222 million of these days cannot be rolled over, paid out or banked.  They are just gone!  These statistics are according to the U.S. Travel Association’s new initiative, Project: Time Off (PTO), which Harvard Business Review calls “the most robust examination of how vacations affect companies and employees.”

Costs the nation

If those days had been used, it’s estimated to have resulted in 1.6 million jobs and $65 billion additional income generated to service vacationers and would have flooded the U. S. economy with $223 billion.

Costs employers

Workers with downtime deficit are less productive, have lower concentration, less job satisfaction, creating strained relationships, lower morale and lower employee retention.

Costs us

This affects our health, happiness, relationships and social life.  PTO research shows, “Employees who take 10 or less days of vacation time are less likely to receive a raise or bonus than those who take 11 days or more.”

The solution ~ GO ON VACATION! 

What’s stopping you?  There are legitimate reasons. Next time we’ll discuss those and how to triumph over what may hinder you.



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