What is a Timeshare?



Timeshare is your reserved spot at the ocean, on the lake, in the mountains and/or overlooking a twinkling city scape.

It is time for learning new things about yourself and others that daily life keeps you too busy to notice.  My husband won’t wear flip flops.  A revelation after 20 years!  Apparently I’m a natural SEGWAYer. Who knew?

Timeshare is an opportunity for extraordinary experiences; parasailing, zip lining, your dream here?  How about culinary adventures?  Many of you may believe, “Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy”. Reserve that judgement until you’ve tried ice wine.

Timesharing becomes home. A house deed or apartment lease provides a launch pad for your life 52 weeks of the year.  A deeded, leased or right to use timeshare allows the same for 1/52nd of a year, although the benefits last much longer between the anticipation, actual experience and memories that linger into planning the next getaway.

Relaxation, recreation, reunion are words associated with time off.  The prefix “re” means to do again.  Timeshare allows for this repetition of respite.

Find your piece of paradise at www.TimeshareOasis.com and look for next month’s column for more vacation conversation.

Dawn R. Miller is the owner of and a real estate Broker for Timeshare Oasis, Inc., a PA licensed real estate brokerage. She has been specializing in Timeshare since 2000.  She and her family are happy owners of multiple timeshares. 


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