Why and Why Not?


Last time we talked about how many unused vacation days were being lost and the cost it takes on employees, employers and the nation.

Vacation is good for us. Countless studies show taking time away can~

  • Reduce stress
  • Refresh and re-energize
  • Provide a new perspective and outlook on life
  • Increase productivity by lowering burnout and increasing mental power
  • Help us stay connected with family and friends, strengthening relationships and social life.
  • Protect our health as the body and mind heal when pressure is relieved.
  • It’s FUN!

Diamond Resorts International promotes a Stay Vacationed™ philosophy to “Stay Happy/Stay Healthy”.

Before–   Planning and anticipation.  Good for you even before vacation starts.

During–   Mental and physical benefits of temporarily breaking away from routine.

After–      Post vacation fun, reviewing photos, sharing stories of your experiences, reliving memories and the excitement of being able to do it all over again.

What’s holding you back?

According to Project Time Off research, FEAR! Especially during challenging economical times.

o   Returning to a mountain of work

o   No one else to do the job

o   Can’t afford

o   Harder to take time off as you grow with the company

o   Being perceived as less dedicated

o   Being seen as replaceable

The last few are perpetuated by American workplace culture.  Did you know, we are the only industrial country that doesn’t mandate vacation days and 35% of our workers receive none?  Yet 80% of employees said if they felt fully supported and encouraged by their boss, they would be likely to take more time off.

We want to vacation so next time let’s explore practical steps to overcome the fear and get away.


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